After 4 years in triathlon, my fitness had plateaued and my training became monotonous. In 2013, I enlisted the help of Lesley & Braveheart Coaching and had my best season ever--including age-group podium finishes at all three 70.3 races I entered and a PR at Ironman World Championships—attributed to a much improved run off the bike. As a busy executive and mom of two, my training time needs to be maximized and Lesley knows how to design a plan that really pushes me to hit my goals while still fitting into my full life. Her passion, endless enthusiasm, and vast knowledge of the sport inspires confidence and she’s always there to guide & support me. I’m enjoying the journey now more than ever!

Cherell Jordin



I have been fortunate enough to have Lesley as a triathlon coach for the past three years. She has not only managed to guide me through identifying what it is that I actually want in life, but most importantly she possesses a rare ability to get you to turn your own vision into reality. That was clearly evident, when I won the Ironman 70.3 Age Group World Championships in August 2014. Lesley and Braveheart Coaching have pushed and supported me through illness, accidents and career changes. I value Lesley’s drive and determination and use this as a motivation for my own training and racing efforts!

Kyle Hummel


I spent over seven years trying to improve my cycling with a variety of coaching only to see middle of the pack finishes and minimal gains. Then I went with Lesley and Braveheart coaching and my cycling has made huge improvements. As I write this, I am preparing to race my first ever pro race on a mountain bike – the Whiskey 50! Thank you Lesley for helping to increase my power by over 20%, I now enjoy being chased instead of having to chase others!

Brandon Mills



Lesley is the best coach that I know of! She has had a huge impact on my life when I most needed it. When I was nervous to climb Mt. Palomar (a local route that climbs for 15 miles!), Lesley and Braveheart Coaching gave me the confidence to do it! She is completely focused on you and your goals. One of the qualities that I respect most about Lesley is that she knows when to nurture and when to give tough love, I needed both as I trained for Ironman Lake Tahoe!

Stacy Sauls



Before working with Lesley I had a very hard time putting all the sports together. Her 'big picture' approach includes a lot of bricks as well as a highly overlooked aspect of triathlon, riding strong after a hard swim. This focus helped me put all 3 sports together and blow away my past PRs. Her strong focus on cycling power and climbing strength is also a huge help with running fast off the bike. In 2 years I went from being an average cat 2/3 cyclist to getting on the podium in my first Pro mountain bike race!

Billy Allen



I have had the opportunity to work with Lesley and Braveheart Coaching for over 4 years. I originally enlisted Lesley as a coach when I was relatively new to the sport of triathlon, but had some immediate success with top age-group finishes in both Olympic and full distance triathlons. My goal was to obtain my pro card within a couple of years and with Lesley’s coaching and tailored training plans this became a reality. I continue to race and have seen improvements in my swimming and power on the bike and look forward to moving up the pro fields at Ironmans this year.

Brent McBurney



I began working with Lesley after winning the 2013 XTERRA Overall Amateur Age Group title. I instantly admired Lesley’s drive and dedication to training and thought she and Braveheart Coaching could help me achieve my aspirations of becoming a professional triathlete and World champion. In my first XTERRA World Championships as a pro (2014) I placed 5th, and in my first pro IM 70.3 race (2015), I finished 3rd! Lesley and Braveheart Coaching have provided me with so much more than just training plans, they have welcomes me as part of their family and offered me opportunities to improve and succeed in triathlon. I am now racing in my second year as a professional in both 70.3’s and XTERRA off-road triathlons and anticipate ongoing success!

Mauricio Mendez



Braveheart Coaching has been THE game changer for me. After 6 yrs as a triathlete, I found the coaching that clicks. I've been inspired, motivated, challenged. I've accomplished goals I never dreamed possible. The training plans have made me stronger, more confident and skilled in swim, bike, and run. The satisfaction of completing swims, rides & runs I'd only ever dreamed about has been a great source of happiness. The absolute highlight so far has been completing all 4 days of the Braveheart Highland Games. I learned what is possible & no longer fear my daily workouts! Doors have opened & opportunities have come my way via the program and other Bravehearts. Lesley, Simon and Team Braveheart are World Class all the way!

Melissa Stokely

I want to thank you for your coaching and encouragement in my triathlon and fitness program. Prior to joining your coaching program I had been with other coaches and trainers, and I was substantially injured from improper or over training or the wrong training. I am not sure which. The idea of just pushing harder had me at physical therapy, massages, acupuncture, and a variety of work-arounds to keep me going. The Braveheart program seemed very intense when I first saw it and I wasn’t sure how I would accomplish the workouts. The first order of business was to get me to a decent physical therapist who really knew his stuff. They set me up with an outstanding group, learning correct movement and over the course of a few months my problems were solved. It wasn’t magic or easy but it is what I needed. Their workouts always seem almost impossible, but at the end of the day I find that I did them and I am not hurt!!! I am also ready to go again the next day which seemed impossible only 2 years ago. I am so happy to have Lesley and Simon as my coaching team. I am faster, stronger, able to do more, and I am less tired at the finish line. I learned to trail run with another Braveheart athlete, Leigh Ann Webster. I never thought I would ride Palomar, but it was very doable with your training. I enjoy the challenges of my workouts now. The Braveheart Games this last winter introduced me to a new group of really top quality people and athletes. Meeting and training with these people from all walks of life with similar athletic ambitions was a real treat. I so look forward to the games next year. You really surround yourselves with excellence. I am proud to be a Braveheart! Thank you also for tailoring my workouts to fit with Melissa’s workouts so we can both train together and still have a family life. It makes our lives so much better.

Jerry Stokely



The magic of Braveheart Coaching is that I am pushed to my limits physically and mentally on a constant basis, such that when it comes to race day, nothing seems insurmountable! I am truly prepared to conquer any course!

Stacy Schlocker

I enlisted the support of Braveheart Coaching to take my triathlon performance to more than just finishing a race. In one year, Lesley transformed me as an athlete, developing both my physical abilities and mental toughness. 2013 proved to be my best ever race season, with a PR in every distance and even a podium finish! Looking forward to more success in 2014!

Amanda Webb