The next generation of endurance coaching

Mind & Body. Fire & Ice. Yin & Yang. Pickles & Ice Cream.


Wait, what? Squared? Yup. Awkward to say and even worse to write, but it’s at the core of what we do. Think of it like a two-for-one deal in helping you become a better athlete. Two interconnected coaches (err, married) helping you to reach your potential.

BC2 combines the personalized training methods of World Champion triathlete Lesley Paterson with state-of-the-science mental training from her husband, Dr Simon Marshall, an expert in sports psychology and UC San Diego professor of mental toughness. If you’re frustrated by email-only programs that offer you little more than  spreadsheets, calendars, and personality-less data, then read on.

At the core of our philosophy is one simple truth: You are more than a data point.

Although many training programs claim to offer special algorithms that gauge your adaptations to training stress, fulfilling athletic potential is, unfortunately, not so simple. But don’t take our word for it: there are whole libraries of new research in neuroscience and cognitive psychology that offer insights into our flawed neurotic brains. This is mostly ignored by exercise physiologists who seem intent on reducing you to an x,y plot.

At Braveheart Coaching, we understand the importance of coaching the whole person. Sure, there’s a whole bunch of science-based training techniques, drills, splits and progress assessments, but at its core, it’s about building a trusted relationship to help your mind and body reach its potential. And, this takes a team.

Now’s the chance to learn first-hand, the physical and mental techniques that helped make Lesley a three-time triathlon world champion. The unique and proven physical training methods of a top professional triathlete combined with a bento box full of ass-kicking psychological weapons. This is the next generation of endurance coaching: toughening up your body and then training your mind to get out of its way.  Sort of like putting the heart and mind into brave.