Try This 30-Minute Workout To Crush Hill Repeats

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Whether we’re a beginner or a seasoned runner who is interested in diversifying our training, this 30-minute plan is for all of us. Running hills can build upon our gains and push us further.

This plan is an introduction to hill repeats. Most of us have probably heard the term before but might not have fully understood what the workout really means or how we should complete them. Never fear; this introduction can help us get started.

As the name of this drill suggests, we will be running up an incline repeatedly, followed by a recovery jog or walk back to the base of the hill. These short bursts of power mean that hill repeats are a great drill improving our speed and strength.

Hill Repeats:

  1. We start out with a 15-minute jog to warm up. Once we have gotten the blood pumping we will make our way to the bottom of a hill if we’re outside. If we are completing this drill on treadmill, we start with a 15 minute warm-up jog and then prepare to increase our incline manually. We must keep in mind that all hills aren’t created equally. It is important to find a grade (or choose an incline) that is both challenging and manageable (~ 4% grade to start).
  2. We should aim for 5 hill repeats with each incline run lasting for 40 seconds each. We should run uphill as fast as possible and then jog or walk for a 2-minute recovery period. If we’re outside, all we need to do is walk or jog back down to the base of the hill for our recovery. If we’re inside, we need to level out the treadmill and maintain a brisk walk for our 2-minute recovery. 5 hill repeats should take about 15 minutes to complete.


Depending on our current fitness level, this program may be quite a challenge or it may be too easy. Either way, it’s a great starting point. If we were unable to finish the workout, it’s a good idea for us to keep a running journal so we can track and build our endurance.

Gradually, we’ll move towards completing this 30-minute plan.

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