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Everything You Need To Know Before Buying Insoles For Running Shoes

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In the United States, the insole market has grown to a multi-million-dollar industry. The two questions many runners ask themselves are: 1) What type of insoles are right for me? and 2) Do I even need them in the first place? What are insoles? New running shoes come with a sock liner designed to enhance the comfort. The sock liner is the closest thing to the foot in a running shoe. The goal is for the sock liner to enhance the overall comfort of our shoes. Most sock liners are molded with a 3D shape matching the natural outlines of…

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Here’s How Your Gut Plays A Major Role In Your Athletic Performance

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As athletes, it can be easy to forget about (or be completely unaware of) our gut flora and the role it plays in our health. A healthy gut, it turns out, can have an impact on our athletic performance. Gut health influences not only our digestion, but also to our immunity, nutrition absorption and recovery. The Role of the Gut The stomach and intestines house millions of bacteria otherwise known as gut microbiota or gut flora. In fact, the gut flora outnumber our cells by 10:1, with an overall population comprised of hundreds of unique strains. To clarify, probiotics are…

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Three Essential Smoothie Recipes for The Triathlete in Training

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You are what you eat, and while you’re training, you want to be as strong, agile and healthy as possible. One of the biggest obstacles that triathletes encounter during training is finding a way to consume enough calories to replace those lost during training. If energy expenditure is greater than what is consumed, weight loss becomes an unwanted issue. If this is something you struggle with, don’t fret! We found a simple solution to help you increase your caloric consumption without having to incessantly eat. Simply incorporate a nutrient-rich smoothie or two into your diet and you’ll easily ingest the…

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Turn The Psychological Effects of Injury Into Coping Skills For Recovery

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Let’s face it. As athletes, we know that injury is one of the most common risks during our training seasons. Admittedly, most of us have probably gone ahead with a major race despite ‘having a niggle’ or even a larger injury. It’s easy to tell ourselves that ignoring the pain and pushing through that barrier is what’s needed to reach our goals. However, it’s this kind of thinking that often leads to further injury and ultimately resulting in less time in competing overall. We train so hard, putting in the blood, sweat and tears in training, that we can feel…

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